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Dog Training Services

Training dogs across the Tri-Cities area, serving Bristol, Johnson City, Kingsport, and surrounding areas in Tennessee and Virginia.

Dog Training
1-on-1 Lessons
& Bundles
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Our Pricing Philosophy

Dog training is expensive. There's really no getting around it. We're super passionate about helping dogs in our community, but we also have to be functional as a business so that we have resources to reinvest back into the community. Most dog trainers are completely responsible for their own transportation, treats, equipment, education, certifications, apprenticeships, conferences, marketing, insurance and taxes. This makes the industry difficult for independent businesses and drives the market price for training up. 


We promise to make our services as cost-effective as we can, as often as we can without sacrificing quality of life for ourselves and our dogs. We understand that dog training can be expensive, and we're committed to doing our part to help make it more accessible to everyone.

Not sure how many lessons you need?

Book a free consultation and we'll help you assess your training needs.

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